I moved to New York City! This blog was decdcated to exciting writing stuff while I was working as a travel agent in SG so goodbye for now.


Volcanic Ash!

June 2011, I was stranded in Tasmania because of the volcanic ash that flew from Chile to Australia. All flights were cancelled in & out of Tasmania! OMG. I had to spend 2 more nights in Launceston, which is by the way a really quiet, quiet, quiet city, then finally flew to Melbourne. I spent 45 minutes in transit at the airport before catching a 5 hour flight to Perth.  I stayed 1 more night in Perth before flying home the next day morning. WOW, what a trip!


When I first heard of Manly, I was like whaaaat? There is a place named that? So, I was offered a chance to visit Manly anytime I was in Sydney, about 2 years back. I never got a chance to go until February this year! And that was because I finally had some free time in Sydney! So off I went! Boarded the ferry from Circular Quay and went to Manly. OH MY! This is really a beautiful coastal town! Walked along the Corso and had sushi for lunch. Spent some time trekking along the beach trail. Met an old friend Phil who drove me further to see more beaches. I couldn’t resist the temptation and bought a new swim suit in Manly and swam in a private beach, overlooking great houses and private yachts!

Here are some pictures!


Wow, it has been so long since I updated walkthelongway. So HELLO! Flying to Melbourne & Sydney in 2 days time! So see you when I am back! CHEERS!

Updated Header!

Whoa. I uploaded a new header and this was a picture I took when I was in Egypt. Yayyy.

Talk to you soon!


I am back from NY!

Had so much fun with baby and I will always treasure the precious moments with him.

Love him so much 🙂

Talk to you soon again!


I will be away till mid July! See you when I am back from NYC! Tata!