About me


It gets a little harder to fill up this section the older I get, so I am just going to copy and paste words from my profile page on Facebook.

I LOVE Facebook by the way, it changed my life but anyway, lets get on with this ‘about me’ page.





changing a mere bit

I believe i am fun to be with. Especially with people who know how to join in and act silly. I can be funny at times. Most of the time, I tend to make people laugh as i appear blur and silly.

People hate me, people love me. I enjoy myself in this life and believe the key to happiness is just to be contented with what you have when you have given it your all.

Got no time for regrets. (I do hate regretting, but when it happens, it happens.) I tend to be too impulsive at times but I do make a point to try and laugh at my own mistakes.

I created “Walk the long way” because I wanted to share my travel experiences with people.

Disclaimer: Of course, what I write here, would be merely about my own experiences. I believe everyone will  experience different things at the same destination.

Enjoy yourself here and enjoy yourself there!



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