I moved to New York City! This blog was decdcated to exciting writing stuff while I was working as a travel agent in SG so goodbye for now.


Volcanic Ash!

June 2011, I was stranded in Tasmania because of the volcanic ash that flew from Chile to Australia. All flights were cancelled in & out of Tasmania! OMG. I had to spend 2 more nights in Launceston, which is by the way a really quiet, quiet, quiet city, then finally flew to Melbourne. I spent 45 minutes in transit at the airport before catching a 5 hour flight to Perth.  I stayed 1 more night in Perth before flying home the next day morning. WOW, what a trip!


Wow, it has been so long since I updated walkthelongway. So HELLO! Flying to Melbourne & Sydney in 2 days time! So see you when I am back! CHEERS!

Updated Header!

Whoa. I uploaded a new header and this was a picture I took when I was in Egypt. Yayyy.

Talk to you soon!


I am back from NY!

Had so much fun with baby and I will always treasure the precious moments with him.

Love him so much 🙂

Talk to you soon again!


I will be away till mid July! See you when I am back from NYC! Tata!

Game Arcades

I love game arcades. Especially when I travel to Australia, I go in search of Time Zone in the different cities. Now I am a proud owner of 2 VIPs game cards.