The World

There are 7 continents in this world.

They are  North America,  South America,  Antarctica, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia/Oceania.

I have stepped foot on all continents except South America and the Antartica. I know if I work hard enough, I might get a chance to touch the other two as well.

Here are the cities of these continents:
(I hope I would be able to touch more cities, to keep updating this list)

North America
– New York  (New York City)
– Arizona (Phoenix, Sedona, Grand Canyon)
– Nevada (Las Vegas)

– California (Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Francisco)

South America


– Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, Alexandria, Abu Simbel (EGYPT – NE Africa)
– Cape Town, Johannesburg, Sun City, Pretoria, Mabula (South Africa)

– Istanbul, Ankara, Bolu, Bursa, Pamukkale, Kusadasi, Konya, Selcuk (TURKEY)
– Austria
– Amsterdam
– Hungary
– Slovakia

– Cochin, Trivandrum, Kanyakumari (INDIA)
– Hongkong (CHINA)
– Beijing, Shandong (CHINA)
– Macau (CHINA)
– Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Taiping, Ipoh (MALAYSIA)
– Singapore (HOME)

Australia/ Oceania
– Western Australia: Perth, Fremantle, Bindoon
– Queensland: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tweed Heads
– South Australia: Adelaide, Hahndorf, Barossa Valley, Victor Harbor
– Victoria: Melbourne, Ballarat, Phillip Island, Mornington Peninsula, Great Ocean Road
– New South Wales: Sydney, Blue Mountains
– Tasmania: Hobart, Launceston, Bicheno, Tamar Valley, Cradle Mountain

:: Dates of my travels ::

Nov 2000 -11D Beijing, Shandong
Nov 2005 – 8D Macau, Hongkong
13th Dec 2006 – 10D Turkey Special
1th Jan 2007 – 7D Backwaters of Kerala
24th Nov 2007 – 10D Wonders of Egypt with Dasmond Koh
05th Mar 2008 – 10D Wonders of Egypt
08th May 2008 – 10D Turkey Special
30th June 2008 – 9D New York & East Coast USA
30th Aug 2008 – 6D Gold Coast Special
07th Oct 2008 – 11D Turkey Special
17th Dec 2008 – 11D Wonders of Egypt
24th Jan 2009 – 6D Adelaide Indulgence
07th Apr 2009 – 6D Greater Melbourne & Farmstay
01st Jun 2009 – 7D Gold Coast Dolphin Experience
12th Jun 2009 – 8D Melbourne, Farmstay & Sydney
30th Aug 2009 – 10D Eastern Europe with Danube Summer Cruise
10th Oct 2009 – 10D Turkey Special
13th Nov 2009 – 10D South Africa Special
03rd Dec 2009 – 6D Perth, Fremantle & Farmstay
17th Dec 2009 – 8D Taste of Tasmania & Melbourne
05th Jan 2010 – 15D New York, Phoenix, Sedona, Grand Canyon & Las Vegas
14th Feb 2010 – 6D Dubai Fantasy
01st Jun 2010 – 7D Gold Coast Family Educational Tour
01st July 2010 – 8D New York Sightseeing
17th Nov 2010 – 6D Sydney & Beyond with Thomas Ong
04th Dec 2010 – 13D Egypt & Mt Sinai
21st Dec 2010 – 11D Turkey Special
04th Feb 2011 – 8D Melbourne, Farmstay & Sydney
07th May 2011 – 11D Turkey Special
09th June 2011 – 8D Taste of Tasmania

September – South Africa last tour as a full time employee

October to December 2011 – West America non stop! Whee!!


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